We are equipped with one of the most modern and qualified Anodizing & Coating systems in India. We are the ideal partner for those who want the best in terms of quality, refinement and technology. We are leading firm in anodizing on aluminum and are able to carry out particular trimmings of the surface by means of the initial preparation of the metal with the shot blast, Satin, Brush and Glossy finishing. We are in operation since 2004 with great professionalism and have achieved successful results. The main goal is customer satisfaction and therefore by the fully automated anodizing & Coating plant,  we are able to meet the needs of all users of treated aluminum.

One of the factors attesting to our high quality is the fact that our products will withstand various climatic conditions throughout the world for a long time. Our powder coating plat is characterized by maximum quality that meets highest requirements. The powder we use is supplied with Qualicoat certificates.


To provide unparalleled quality and service.

Our plan for growth Is to invest in complementary world-class technologies and build on our existing range of value-added products and services.To provide top quality coating & anodising services and develop long term relationships with our growing list of satisfied customers.


  • To eradicate corrosion and reinforce metal through operational excellence.
  • To ensure the highest quality customer satisfaction.
  • To deliver outstanding services.


Leading companies in the fields: Architectural, Furniture, Desing, Automotive Transport, Naval have chosen SHREEJI COATING IND. as a partner for the treatment of aluminum surfaces given the Thirteen years experience and the guarantees provided.